Grand Lofts Unit A204 다운타운 로스 앤젤레스에서 판매 South Park Presented by DLXco

리스팅 상태: Expired

마지막 업데이트: 2024/06/17

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Grand Lofts Unit No: A204

330 W 11th St

Los Angeles, CA 90015

금액: ₩1,196,439,200

커뮤니티 비용: ₩1,513,103/달

날짜 목록:2024/01/25

상장 가격/SQM: ₩8,239,371.94

판매 일: 127

침실: 2

욕실: 2

SQM: 145.21

반려동물 거주 가능: 예

세탁: 내부

주차장: 2

Mills Act: 아니

라이브와 직장: 예

*환율 변환은 1 USD 달러 당 ₩1376.80 이 환율은 현재까지 출판되었습니다: 2024/06/13 12:59:04 GMT - 06:00/07:00 (미국 및 캐나다) 기준으로 업데이트되었습니다.

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Welcome home to Grand Lofts where a blend of classical architecture and modern renovation offers a unique live/work lifestyle in the South Park neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles. This unit offers a fun and sizable floorplan with a considerable remodel and is nestled facing the S Park Commons where over 50 species of flowering plants, grasses, shrubs, and trees have been planted in the park. An amazing space to entertain before a game or unwind from a long day. Grand Lofts is a seven-story repurposed building (2005) with 66 work/live lofts and is centrally located to all the conveniences and entertainment that Downtown LA has to offer. Close to restaurants, Arena, LA Live, the Farmers Market, the freeway, USC, FIDM, shopping and so much more. Included with the HOA Dues are two side-by-side parking spaces and access to modern amenities at the adjacent Bldg Aven. Highlights of the amenities include a 7th-floor lap pool with spa and cabanas, a beach volleyball court, a basketball half-court, a fitness center, a business center, multiple BBQs, a dog park with shower station, and various social and gaming spaces.

준공: J.M. Cooper - 1923

현대화 된: Lee Homes - CIM Group - 2005

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