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리스팅 상태: Expired

마지막 업데이트: 2023/04/28

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Higgins Lofts Unit No: 611

108 W 2nd St

Los Angeles, CA 90012

금액: ₩770,845,000

커뮤니티 비용: ₩1,005,450/달

날짜 목록:2022/02/10

상장 가격/SQM: ₩11,062,643.51

판매 일: 182

침실: 0

욕실: 1

SQM: 69.68

반려동물 거주 가능: 예

세탁: 내부

주차장: 0

Mills Act: 예

라이브와 직장: 아니

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The Unit 611 boasts soaring 15' high ceilings and showcases a rare unobstructed view of the memorable DTLA skyline through immense windows. Enjoy your morning coffee in this sun-flooded, astonishing atmosphere that combines modern and industrial architecture - and dream your nights away over the bright and colorful city lights. The newly remodeled kitchen has a neat, minimalistic style that suits the modern mind and allows you to create harmony with almost any interior design. The Higgins Building is a Historic-Cultural Monument and features a sundeck and am impressive lobby. The neighborhood is rich with cultural touchstones including Grand Park, Walt Disney Concert Hall, MOCA, The Broad, and the Bradbury Building. This sophisticated studio is a canvas looking for its artist - you!

준공: Arthur L. Haley + A.C. Martin - 1910

현대화 된: Barry Shy - 2002

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